Quality Guarantee

Our true organic fair trade farming and ISO standard quality control at each and every stages of processing / manufacturing delivers the finest moringa products at international standards.

Genuine / True Organic

Our strict certified organic farming practices never allow any chemicals in our farming at any stage in any way or form. The organic crop inputs for all crops are produced in traditional way within the farm. The frequent laboratory analysis also confirms that our farm harvests are not detected for any pesticides, chemicals, herbicides which ensure the genuine organic products from Organic Veda.

Guaranteed high potency, rich nutrition & original color

Our traditional superior variety moringa oleifera and many other organic ingredients, fair trade organically grown from naturally enriched Western Ghats eco soil ensures the most nutritious, 100% pure, non polluted, chemical free & pesticide free superior quality plants. Finest produces ethically hand harvested in right stage & naturally cool dried to retain whole nutritional potency, original color, aroma, taste and flavors. Being true organic our product never goes to any kind of heat sterilization or gamma radiation or ETO sterilization.

100% Purity Guaranteed

Organic Veda guarantees 100% purity without compromise in quality. Our products are 100% free from soil, sand, stones, bugs, pests, human trace, other plant parts mix or any other foreign materials which is found in cheap products. Our hygienic post harvest practices, several stages of cleaning and grading ensure uniform purity.

Free From Heavy Metal & Microbiology Contamination

Laboratory analytical from several countries confirms that Organic Veda moringa products are not detected for any heavy metals (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury) contamination and heavy microbiology contamination which is found in cheap products.

Fairly Traded Farming

Organic Veda partners and supports fair trade practices with local farmers from the Western Ghats in India. The eco-friendly farming practices of our traditional local farmers who grows moringa and many other crops for centuries are well supported by Organic Veda to produce high potent true organic crops.

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