Moringa Lemon Tea 28 Sachets Moringa Lemon Tea 28 Sachets Moringa Lemon Tea 28 Sachets Moringa Lemon Tea 28 Sachets Moringa Lemon Tea 28 Sachets Moringa Lemon Tea 28 Sachets Moringa Lemon Tea 28 Sachets
Moringa Lemon Tea 28 Sachets
Size 28 Tea Sachets
Status Organic

Moringa Lemon Tea 28 Bags

Starting the day with beverage is routine habit for all group. Moringa lemon drink is loaded with many natural ingredients like moringa oleifera dry leaf, amla fruit, lemon grass, lemon peel, orange peel. These ingredients are sun dried and powdered and infused into filter bags. This filter tea bag reduces the efforts of preparing tea.


Sipping a cup of moringa lemon tea after food helps you in good digestion. Fibre contents in tea regulates the metabolism and enhances gut health which enables healthy digestion. Regular intake gives you relief from bloating, nausea, vomiting, etc., It treats your stomach disorders and helps in fast digestion.


Citric content in lemon aids in purifying the body. Consuming moringa lemon tea in empty stomach removes the toxins accumulated in your body and helps in detoxification process. It helps in cleansing your body as well as stomach too.


Lemon with astringent property helps in removing the dead skin cells and facilitates for new skin growth with glow and shine. Moringa lemon tea acts as an aid in protecting your skin from acne, dark lines, white lines. It helps in promoting and protecting your overall skin health.


Consuming a lemon tea helps in reducing your stress levels, anxiety. It refreshes your body and mind makes feel energetic and refreshing. It controls your hypertension makes you calm and cool. It supports as best reliver to your mind.


Place tea bags into cup and add hot water to it. Rest it for 2-3 minutes then take out tea bags and gently squeeze the active ingredients. Add sugar or sweeteners as on your taste.

Moringa Lemon Tea 28 Sachets

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