Moringa Tea 28 Sachets Moringa Tea 28 Sachets Moringa Tea 28 Sachets Moringa Tea 28 Sachets Moringa Tea 28 Sachets Moringa Tea 28 Sachets Moringa Tea 28 Sachets
Moringa Tea 28 Sachets
Size 28 Tea Sachets
Status Organic Ingredients

Moringa Tea 28 Sachets

Having a break with tea, is the best refreshing idea. People love having tea at all time. Organicveda’s moringa tea is of fresh moringa leaves that are sundried and crushed. The crushed leaves are powdered and infused into the tea bags with active ingredients. All parts of moringa plant contains nutrients that are highly rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, magnesium, thiamine.


  • A cup of tea can energize your body parts and make you active throughout the day and nourishes your day.
  • It helps in refreshing and boosting your brain and guides you taking decision making.
  • A sip of tea can relieve you from stress and anxiety.
  • Moringa in nature has anti-diabetic property that helps in controlling your blood sugar levels.
  • Anti-bacterial property supports in treating stomach upsets, constipation. It also helps in eliminating gut properly, excess gas, cramping, bloating.
  • Components in moringa tea helps in protecting you from infections getting affected. It helps in fighting against chronic diseases.


Our aim is to provide best natural and quality moringa tea free from sugar, colorants, dust, sand, artificial additives, preservatives. No extra flavor is added to it. You can feel the taste of tea at every sip.


Take 1 tea bag and place it in cup. Add hot water in cup rest it for 3-5 min. Gently squeeze the tea bags and filter the active ingredients in it. Add sugar or sweeteners as on your taste.

Moringa Tea 28 Sachets

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